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Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions



Driver's age, license, and experience required: 

Vehicle category

Minimum driver's age

Driving license required  

Years of experience required

Motorcycles 50cc - 80cc

18 years


1 year

125cc motorcycle 

20 years


2 years

Moto 200cc and more

23 years

A2 - A

2 years

ATV or buggy

23 years


2 years

Drivers must hold a valid driver's license issued in the European Union. Drivers from outside the EU are required to present an international driver's license.

Driver's skills may be tested before vehicle handover.

* ATV can be driven with driving license B if it was issued before 19.1.2013. If the driving license was issued after this date, the driver must have an A category.

Health and safety:

Moto Zagos is responsible for the maintenance and good technical condition of its vehicles. It is our interest to provide top-quality vehicles which serve our customers without any problem. We renew our vehicle park annually so most of our vehicles are new or not older than 3 years.

Moto Zagos has the right to refuse to rent a vehicle to a person with a lack of driving skills, invalid or missing driver's license, or after consideration that the driver would not ensure his/her/3rd party's health and safety and that the property of Moto Zagos would be in danger.

Safety helmets are rented together with our vehicles (where required) and included in the rental price. They are cleaned and disinfected after each customer.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to drive any of our machines in the mountains except for paved roads and short-distance dirt roads. Allowed and restricted areas will be explained upon handover and marked on a map.

Minimum Rental Period and Prices:

When rented in our shops in Limenaria, the minimum rental period is one calendar day according to the opening hours of Moto Zagos office. For locations more than 12 km away from Limenaria, the minimum rental period should be at least two days or as per individual agreement. Prices depend on the type of vehicle, length, and period (low or high season) of the rental. The total price will be confirmed to you upon your request.

Delivery and return of the vehicle:

During our opening hours, customers can pick up our vehicles at Moto Zagos offices in Limenaria, Thassos. We can deliver the customer's pre-booked vehicle to his/her place of stay. Free delivery to locations further than 12 km from our office will be confirmed based on reservation facts (type of vehicle and length of rental) before delivery.

During the handover of the vehicle, the customer will sign the Rent Agreement, where all necessary information will be stated. By his/her signature, he/she agrees that he/she checked the vehicle's condition and is supposed to return the vehicle and helmets in the same condition. In case the customer causes any damage to the rented vehicle or a new helmet, he/she is responsible for reimbursement of the damage.

Unless otherwise stated on the Rental Agreement, the vehicle is to be returned to the rental place from which it was taken. The duration of your rental starts and ends according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times stated on your contract.

It is possible to change the type of vehicle during your rental period. If the new vehicle is from a higher price range, the financial difference has to be paid before the handover of the new vehicle. In case you want to extend the rental of our vehicle, you can only do so in our office in Limenaria, where the rent for extra days has to be paid in advance too. 

If our vehicle is returned late without any agreement with our office, Moto Zagos is allowed to charge ¼ of the daily rental for every hour surmounting the stated time on the Rental Agreement.

If the vehicle is returned dirty above the usual pollution, Moto Zagos has the right to charge a minimum of €20 for extra cleaning. In order to keep control over the good technical condition of our vehicles, only Moto Zagos has the right to repair and clean our vehicles. Customers are not allowed to do it themselves or to ask 3rd parties to do it.

Due to organizational reasons, Moto Zagos, unfortunately, cannot refund the client's payment for vehicles in case of late pick-up, early return, or unused days for reasons on the part of the customer. 




Most of our vehicles use 95 Octane Unleaded Fuel and they must be returned with the same level of fuel as when rented. There are many serviced gas stations on Thassos. Moto Zagos always advises customers on recommended consumption based on their trip plans. We do not refund payment for customers' unused fuel.

Terms of payment:

Full payment or prepayment can be made after the customer's e-mail reservation and based on our agreement. We accept credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, bank transfer, Revolut, or Western Union payments. Vehicle rental can also be paid by cash in Euro or US Dollars during personal handover.


All vehicles have CDW ( Collision Damage Waiver = 3rd party liability insurance) which is included in our rental prices. It covers 3rd party property damages up to €100,000.

If a customer causes damage to the rented vehicle of Moto Zagos, he is responsible for a compensation of the damage caused by him according to the valid pricelist of the vehicle and service center. Moto Zagos has the right to charge lost profits for days when it cannot rent the vehicle due to repairs. In case of depreciation of the vehicle, the customer pays the full value of the vehicle, which it had on the first day of its lease by the customer.

If a customer wishes to have FDW ( Full Damage Waiver ), he can pay Moto Zagos extra charges as stated in our Pricelist. The FDW is from 3 € to 20 € per day with maximum own risk from 150 € to 3000 € according to the type of vehicle. The customer is informed about the conditions in advance.

However, FDW insurance only covers driving on paved roads. FDW doesn't cover damages if the vehicle was driven off-road, on mountain or dirt roads, rocks, beaches, etc. In case the vehicle is stolen due to forgotten keys in the vehicle, the customer carries full responsibility. FDW also does not cover stolen personal items left in/on the vehicle.


Breaches of the law:

All penalties are the responsibility of the customer.


Accident/damage or technical problem:

In case of any technical problem, accident, or damage to the rented vehicle, please contact Moto Zagos 24/7 on a mobile phone/Viber and WhatsApp +30 697 298 2086.



Moto Zagos wishes its customers to enjoy their vacation with our vehicles as much as possible.

However, if it comes to our attention, that the rented vehicle is driven dangerously, recklessly, used for any illegal purpose, driven under the influence of addictive substances, or driven by another person than the one stated on the Rent Agreement, causing harm to 3rd parties or Moto Zagos property, we can seize the vehicle without any duty to refund remaining payment.

In case of force majeure on the customer's side, the customer can cancel his reservation and we will reimburse his payment for the unused period based on the customer's proof of the unfortunate event. 


The last update of Moto Zagos' Terms and Conditions was on May 2022.

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